Track Name: Promise (Reprise) (SHS Version)
Artist: Akira Yamaoka
Play Count: 8,712 plays


The SHS version of Promise (Reprise) from the new trailer.

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Track Name: Umi no Namida
Artist: Dewa Yoshiaki
Album: Nagi no Asukara Original Soundtrack 1
Play Count: 11,395 plays

Nagi no Asukara OST - Umi no Namida

Play Count: 32,726 plays
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Track Name: いりぐちでぐち
Artist: Ichiko Aoba
Play Count: 57,545 plays


listen to the whole thing with headphones on and you’ll be 200% more relaxed than you were before

Track Name: Untouched
Artist: The Veronicas
Album: Hook Me Up
Play Count: 53,839 plays
Track Name: Soshite, ai de
Artist: Yoshiaki Dewa
Play Count: 1,217 plays


Soshite, ai de - Yoshiaki Dewa

Anime: Nagi no Asukara

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Track Name: NANAKO!
Artist: Dojima
Play Count: 212,553 plays
Track Name: Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)
Artist: Celia Pavey
Play Count: 1,256,431 plays



holy shit

I read somewhere that sirens/mermaids sang songs that they heard from sailors on passing ships. I imagine this is what a modern siren would sound like singing this song.

Track Name: Flaws (Acoustic)
Artist: Bastille
Album: Flaws - Acoustic
Play Count: 576,659 plays


In case anyone needs some cheering up at the moment.

Track Name: Shiksa (Girlfriend)
Artist: Say Anything
Album: In Defense Of The Genre - Disc 1
Play Count: 11,167 plays

Even if your whisper eats my ear

your voice shall be the only song I long to hear.

Track Name: 割れたリンゴ
Artist: Saki Watanabe (CV. Risa Taneda)
Album: Shinsekai Yori
Play Count: 4,385 plays
Track Name: Something About Us + Rain
Artist: Daft Punk
Album: Discovery
Play Count: 66,041 plays


Something About Us + Rain

Track Name: Animal
Artist: Mike Snow
Play Count: 3,791 plays


Mike Snow- Animal

this is a great song.

Track Name: Heartbeat, Heartbreak -Party Night Mix-
Artist: ShavaDava/Vo. witch
Album: Re:BRiLLiANCE
Play Count: 3,049 plays


Heartbeat, Heartbreak -Party Night Mix- by ShavaDava/Vo. witch

Track Name: Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper (Bioshock Carnival Organ Cover)
Artist: (Unknown Artist)
Album: Bioshock Infinite Soundtrack (Complete Collection)
Play Count: 267 plays


Girls Just Want to Have Fun-Bioshock Infinite Cover