im melting



look how cute I am

i said look at how cute i am



Sorry can’t hangout I’m grounded





dreamykuma asked: 11-15

IDK if this is for the first or second one i shouldn’t have posted them so close to each other!!! but i’ll just do both since i’m bored

11. age & are things going the way you’ve planned

  • i’m 20, and i don’t know!!! i didn’t plan too much for college other than being happy, which i guess isn’t going so well. but a lot of things are going well as well… so…. i mean when it comes to a career, things aren’t going as i originally planned, but better i suppose. now i’m studying things i really like.

12. ideas of a perfect date & last person you added to contacts

  • perfect date would just be something completely comfortable… like i like walking around places and doing nothing in particular more than i like doing set things like watching a movie etc???? and until i’m comfortable with a person it wouldn’t really be a perfect date. and the last person i added to my contacts was….my grandmother i think haha….

13. life goal(s) & would you rather have a poodle or rott

  • my life goal would be to become a translator for sony i think…. or just have a very stable translating job in general. i’d love to work in the gaming industry as one tho. and i’d rather have a rott

14. piercings i want & which hurts the most physical or emotional pain

  • getting my nipples pierced was honestly my ultimate piercing i ever wanted and i got it so i’m satisfied. i’d like to have my nose pierced again, but i can live without it…  also physical pain i guess?? emotional pain sucks but bruh… come on

15. relationship status & zoo or art museum

  • single, and it depends!!! if it’s very hot out i’d rather be at an art museum, but otherwise a zoo!
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an old selfie of chillin


All my selfies look the same



don’t flirt with me i’ll probably panic and kill you